Monday, June 29, 2009

a journey to Pelabuhan Ratu

240609,,, i started my travelling days with two girlfriends, nisa and hanny.
actually it was our practical job
which is commanded by the university. we applied to nisa's hotel for a fictive one... hihihi,,, but honestly we went there only for fun!!!

we had fun with taking pics around the hotel,,, pelabuhan ratu is a nice spot to visit because it offers lagusa view (laut-gunung-sawah) or beach/mountain/rice fields all in a package... many tourists come here...

starting walking at the beach in the morning... then trying foods at Ombak Tujuh Cafe...
mine is surfer's pizza (42k idr) and pineapple juice (12k idr),,, nisa tried chicken fillet burger (45k idr) and ice lime (12k idr) then hanny's were chicken and french fries (45k idr) with melon juice (12k idr). the price was quite expensive but it was large portion and the owner was so nice to us... thank you sir... the fun thing was there were so many cute guys there,,, but i was really attracted by a guy who wore a blue shirt that day... i call him Mas Ganteng Kaos Biru (MGKB).. but he was only passing by the cafe not sitting and eating like us... :'( after our stomach full of those foods,, we burned the calories by walking from cek ombak to karang hawu. well, it's about 7km i guess,,(sekar)(nisa)(hanny) heheu...

=> => => => => => =>

We were exploring the beach... Such an amazing moment...

this day we want to see the surfers at cek ombak,, so we stayed there and watching those cool surfers doing their
amazing performances... and ended the day with eating at desa resort... the price was fine,, the taste was delicious,,
the view was great... but the most thing that made me happy was... we met the MGKB again!! oh my god!!! he was so cute..
barefoot sitting in the corner with his friend (or dad,, i don't know...) and watching rugby at australia network... now i now he's an australian.. nisa tried to take his pic but it was failed... here is the pic... (MGKB)

time to go back to Bandung... goodbye Pelabuhan Ratu.. Goodbye beach... Goodbye Mas Ganteng kaos Biru... I will miss you,,,
thank you for giving me a great experience.. i'll be back soon...

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