Sunday, April 6, 2014

San Francisco Pt 2 - The GGG Bridge

I mean the Great Golden Gate Bridge (I just have the intention to put Great on it. Hehe) So, this time we went to the GGG Bridge and Marshall's beach. It was foggy at that time, so we had to wait for a couple hours. But, actually the fog kinda made a cool feeling. Then, we decided to walk to Marshall's beach to look at a different side of the bridge (warning: it's a nude beach). It was totally worth it. All the pictures we made on that beach were awesome. After that, we when to Japan Town to have dinner. Uh oh.. I wish I could be back to San Francisco.

 photo received_m_mid_1395119037529_90bba7bba40c594220_2.jpeg

 photo 86a71e00-711f-442f-b517-a15f9d1a1e53.jpg

 photo 1891251_10152078609973477_865472019_n.jpg

 photo 1601266_10152078667238477_1636112475_n.jpg

 photo 1239001_10152078619298477_878222851_n.jpg

Overalls: Walmart (Ha!)Shirt: Gaudi Hat: Forever21 Glasses: ZeroUV Shoes: Payless Bag: H&M

Have a wonderful day (or night)!

Monday, March 31, 2014

San Francisco pt 1 - St Patty's Day

Whoaaa.. I got back from my Spring Break last week then tons of homeworks punched me in the face, so I had to finish them first. But now I'm free! (umm.. actually no) but I want to show you some of the pictures of my break in San Francisco (part 1) on St Patrick's Day. I definitely put San Francisco as my no. 1 list of cities I like in US (so sorry NYC you're no. 3)

To be honest, I don't understand the meaning of SPD. I'm so sorry. I've read about it on wikipedia, still don't understand. I thought it's supposed to be a religious celebration, but everytime I asked Americans, they always answered me with things like "Oh, it's time to get drunk!" or "You know.. a bunch of crazy people going crazy and say..kiss me I'm Irish!". Ok got it.

We (me and my friend) were so lucky because there was a parade in front of Powell St on that day. It was around 11.00 AM I guess. So, we tried to wake up early (but we didn't! Ha!) We left the house we rented through airbnb at 10.30 and walked around Mission District and found the Clarion Alley! Omg I almost jumped because I love to see colorful things. And SF is full of colors! beautiful beautiful colors.

 photo 1976992_10202645629736241_857755452_n.jpg

 photo 1003599_10202645629296230_616677937_n.jpg

 photo 10155112_10202645630256254_734217062_n.jpg

 photo 20140315_123538.jpg

 photo 20140315_150823.jpg

 photo f8448a24-3c0b-40ae-89e7-1f80d58a8d43.jpg

 photo 1947375_10202645634096350_1840014797_n.jpg

top: thrifted (aaak! I'm so in love with this 3D roses, and I got so many compliments wearing this top)
skirt: ebay (psstt.. six dollars with free shipping. I couldn't resist to buy it)
shoes & purse: Topshop (you can't see them clearly eeek.. blame it on me)
shades: ZeroUV

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I've been in US for 7 months now. And I'm going back home in 2 months, people! 2 months! I don't know if I'm gonna be sad or happy. I'll meet my family and friends again. But in the other side, I love United States too! *well, not this freaking small town though*. I (still) wish I could live in New York. I just think that's where I belong. Haha!

So, in a couple days I'm gonna fly to San Francisco for Spring Break. Yay! And I can't pick which sunglasses that will go with me. :(

 photo sg3.jpg
 photo sg7.jpg

 photo sg9.jpg

 photo sg8.jpg

 photo sg5.jpg

 photo sg6.jpg

 photo sg4.jpg

 photo sg2.jpg
Ok, I've made my decision. I think I'll bring two pairs. You'll see which ones when I get to SF. I hope I can update the blog while I'm traveling.

Oh, I so can't wait for it! I hope the weather will be warm and sunny. I'm so tired of cold.

Wishing you to have a great day! :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thank you 2013!

Lalala.. since I haven't blogged since 2011, let me sum up things that happened in 2013. *I'm sorry 2012, but I won't forget you too I promise*

The word that describes 2013 perfectly is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Yes, awesome! So many (good) things happened to me. I got the chance to go abroad for the first time in 2013. Then, I got the chance to go for the 2nd time, also in 2013. Thank you 2013, you've been so good to me. The most awesome thing is I got to go to NEW YORK (the-city-that-i-was-always-dreaming-about) also in 2013!!!!

I can't believe this. If I look back from January to December, I went to different places for each month. Although it wasn't for fashion week (not yet), I thank God for everything that happened to me.

A little collage for memory:

 photo Screenshot2014-02-25210308.png

 photo Screenshot2014-02-25211403.png

 photo Screenshot2014-02-25213426.png

Have an awesome day!
Sekar <3

Monday, February 24, 2014


Since I'm terribly horribly LAZY of writing on my own blog. I will schedule it once a week from now on. I'll put on my agenda the schedule. Gee, almost two THREE years ago since the last time I wrote and there were A LOT of things happened. Including my dream to go to NYC. Hereby, I will make a vow:

I, Anindya Sekarnagri, promise to update this blog once a week. I know this blog is not as popular as StyleScrapbook, or The Blonde Salad, or just name any popular blog that started at the same time as me or younger (I started in 2009 I guess. How embarrassing!) but I promise to update it. At least put something in it. (Inspiring Style Pictures yay!) Oh crap, I can't stand with the word promise because I know I'll break it.

Wish me luck. Meanwhile,if there is somebody out there who is not me reading this, you can go to my tumblr too. It's fun! I promise. :)

Bisous, Sekar