Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my first backpacking trip (1)

hi all,, finally one of my wishes became true..
last week me, Ratih, and Septy went to Jogja for having our first backpacking trip...
first we bought the economic train tickets which was sooo cheap that i couldn't ever imagine that there is a ticket with that price. well, firstly i felt so nervous because this is my first time using economic train for a far distance, but my worry didn't reasonable because once we got up to the train, we got seat and had a nice trip until Jogja. oh yeah,,, for this trip i bought a new sunglasses! it's brown and it's cute. i looove it... i wore it all the time when i got to Jogja...

we leaved Bandung at 8.30 pm and arrived at Jogja at 6.00 am. then the first thing we did was finding a cheap hostel for us. i had searched before that kampung Sosrowijayan is the best place to stay but a man told us that the hostels in Sosrowijayan were full and expensive. we were so dumb and we trusted him,,, so we walked and walked until we found a hostel called "Wisma Kunthi" which had the price 80000 idr for a single night. actually the facility was not so good,,, but we were so desperate and exhausted to find another hostel so we decided to take the room.

we took a rest for a while, taking a bath, and walking again to the Malioboro street. for you all who doesn't know it, Malioboro is the famous street in Jogja. you can find many cheap things like bag, dress, accessories, etc in the afternoon and also you can find a lot of yummy foods in the night. i bought some bangles for only 7500 idr each. cheap huh??

then we went to Kraton Yogyakarta which were closed at the time and a museum that showed many collections of Kraton's old vehicles. i remember one funny moment when we decided to take pedicab because we were tired walking. firstly, it went smooth,, until one of the wheel gone crazy and finally three of us fell down to the streets. it was really silly i guess since three of us have a big body shapes and that pedicab was so small...

at night we decided to find the real Sosrowijayan village and proved that there were cheap hostels there. and see,,, i was right,, the hostels in Sosrowijayan had same price with my hostels but in BETTER facilities. we were so shocked and felt sorry about that. i wish i could stay in Sosrowijayan,,, people say it's a backpacker heaven!! that was my fool i couldn't stay there.

hmp,,, i guess that's it for now... i'll continue my story in my next post.. au revoir! :p

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