Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm so jealous. Other bloggers have camera to take their pics and post it to their blog. And me? I have no camera. Those pics I've uploaded were all taken by my friends'. Sometimes I borrowed from them because I wanted to take pics of myself. But most of the time, I asked them to take my pics and posted it on facebook so that I could take the copy. But deep down, I wanna have my own camera. Uh oh.. so desperate!

btw, I'm starting my weight loss program now! yes, I mean today. Although maybe eating some chocolate biscuits and snacks considered cheating? hehe.. but I promise to myself that by the end of the year I'll loss 12kgs so that my weight will be 47 kgs. Amen!

Here's my plan to reduce some weight, I don't know it's healthy or not but it worked for me a few months ago:
1. Have big meal once a day. Yes, once! I usually do it after midday.
2. Eat banana when I get hungry. I have lots of bananas in my room.
3. Drink water as much as I can. This will help my body reduce some toxic. *Also, it'll make me pee all day long. :(
4. Do some work out. It's not always going to gym or jogging every morning. I usually dance in my room while singing my fav songs. Sounds like private karaoke. Hhe

Hopefully, by reducing some weights I could be more comfortable with myself. It doesn't mean I'm not comfy with myself today. But, i'll be much happier if I can wear looooooots of clothes I wanna wear.

Wish me luck everyone!
*I'm sure I'm the only one who read this post. :b


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you're not the only ones read this. Mm.. Karaoke for work out? Of it works, I think every singers on this world would be so thin. Because I'm pretty sure they do it (almost) every single days. Don't be that lazy, Karyo! :p

It's my visiting, and I think I enjoying reading this blog. Keep writing. Oh, and sorry for my messy sentences. :)

Anonymous said...

my first visiting, i mean.

Anindya said...

Hahaha.. thank you ce.. :D :D
blog rahma apaan? just wondering.. :p

Anonymous said...

emang dia punya ya? setau gw gak ada.