Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspiration--The Sartorialist

Who doesn't know Scott Schumann? He's the genius behind a blog called The Sartorialist. He is my biggest inspiration. I think you already knew it. Who doesn't get inspired from his amazing photographs? I love his work so so so much. Every time I stumble on his blog, I always ask myself, "How did he get those awesome pictures? How did he work? How did he notice the people? How did he how did he bla bla bla"

And finally.. here comes the answer:
*I know I'm so late to share this here, but I can't stand not to share this AMAZING video. I can't help myself to watch it over, over, and over.

My favorite parts are when he said "lettin yourself fallin in love a little bit everyday" and "with the blog, i can take a photograph and have it up on the internet and share it with people across the world...the whole world is really open to you now"

Now I know how he works. And amazingly.. he reads those comments? Aww.. this makes me love him more. I thought that huge blogger like him just pass those comments or maybe only read some. He seems love his job very much. You can see it from those eyes. I wish someday I could be like him. Working with passion and heart.

Well, hopefully someday I could meet him personally. That would be fantastic.


Ps: I beg you pardon for not posting anything for months. The world just became so hectic and annoying.
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Ppps: Happy New Year Everyone! Hopefully 2011 will bring you more luck. Oh and btw, today's date is 11111 :)

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