Monday, March 29, 2010

Fuzzy Blue Lights

Hi guys! How's life? Mine is... so so.
There was a graduation ceremony last Saturday at my campus, and some of my friends were graduated on that day.
Oh, it's so sad seeing them wearing the graduation cap and all.
And I'm still struggling here with my final paper/assignment/project (whatever you call it.)
But, this is my life. I have to live it my way. Hehe.

Anywho, It's always raining here and I hate that.
I was supposed to go to the library to find some references for my paper but it was canceled (again?! I know).
And it's not because of the rain. hehehe..
I was ready to go. Here's what I wore,






look, my nails are green now. hihihi


Don't you think it's a skirt? No, they're shorts. I was wrong too at the first time I saw them.

There's a funny story when I bought some socks last week.
The seller put a sign that said "Rp 10000 (around $1) for 3".
Then I asked him "Is it for 3 pieces or 3 pairs, sir?".
My friend was shocked and she was like, "Of course it's for 3 pairs. Hahaha.."
I was totally ashamed.

sweater: grandmom's
polo shirt: peruzzi (ha?! what kind of brand name is that?)
shorts: Secondhand
socks: Thrifted
shoes: Thrifted

edited: I had a long long day. Exhausting. Wish me luck for April Fool! :D

Have a great day everyone!



Audrey J. said...

lovely! i like the color of the sweater, you look like a colorful tenist, which is good =). And i love the UK flag on the background, want one please!

Anindya said...

Thanks Audrey, I kinda feel the same way. Come here if you want the flag, I'll make one for you. :D

Jessica Jeanne Simon said...

love your nails so much! :)

The Queen of Queer
mind to exchange links?

Anindya said...

Thanks jessica. No, I don't mind to exchange links. Let's do it then. :)

Mitzi Cocoa said...

I'm a student, too! That looks like the perfect studying outfit!

Anindya said...

Thank you so much. :D