Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Stressed" is "Desserts" spelled backwards

Ok, about the title: I'm so stressed right now because of my final assignment (again).
Next week is the deadline of the proposal. I have to make it done before Tuesday. Aye aye..
I planned to go to the library today but it was cancelled (by myself).
I had a consultation this morning with my teacher and she gave me more journal to read. :]
So, it really makes me stressed out. As one of chictopian said that fashion is therapeutic, I did some experiments.
And here's the result:





My dad bought me this dress a few months ago because we wanted to attend a wedding party.
My mom and dad were so surprised that I wanted to buy a dress.
I used to be a super tomboy girl.
Boys in high school called me "The Boss", because I was fat and always looked angry.
I didn't put any make up when I went to school.
I didn't want to wear any skirt besides school skirt.
I didn't want to read some girly mags (I though it was gross for me).
I didn't talk about boys (even when I had a crush to someone).
My granny was so scared that I'd become a lesbian because I was so NOT girly.
My aunt tried everything she could to put some make up at me at any family party.
My cousin tricked me in many ways to make me more girly (I don't have sister, so she's my "sister").
My mom, she gave up. She didn't try anything. I think she was too tired with me.
Then, I went to college in separate city. People change. I'm one of the people. I change too.
I started to lost some weights (I try to lose more).
I started to use make up (even it's only a little).
I started to wear more skirts and dresses.
I started to change.
My family are so happy to see me now. They're surprised, but happy.
I think my granny can be relieved now that I'm not a lesbian. Haha.

Dress : Simplicity
Cardi : Thrifted
Belt : Mom's
Tights : Thrifted
Shoes : Misyelle


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Cute outfit! Love the red tights.

Annie said...

I love it! :D Your style is soo cute :) Very simple yet effective...