Sunday, July 18, 2010


Guys guys guys!
I can't wait any longer to tell you this.
Today, I opened my email and guess what..
Finally, i got the invitation code from!
Maybe it sounds cheesy for those of you who already become the member of the site.
But for me, it's an achievement!
I've applied so many times and finally got the code.
Last year, I was only the one who got inspired by those cool people.
And now I'm part of them?!? Cool.. (I'll praise myself!)
I don't care if my looks won't make it to the hot page.
I just love to be one of the members.
Here's my first look, hype me! (did i just say hype? hahahah)

Okay, now get back to work!
Still excited! Lalalalala...
Have a good life, sweetpies!



Ps: This surely will make me love my blog more. :)


Stylestance said...

Great look. Really like how you put this together.

Nav said...

what a cute look! LOVE that belt!


Taryn said...

congrats on the lookbook invite! its such an inspiring site. love the outfit as well