Saturday, July 17, 2010

People change, so do I

I was doing an online chat with my old friend, Rina, last night.
We were talking about football, Germany, boy crush, accident, and all.
By the way, there was a terrible accident yesterday.
A new student of my campus was crashed by a truck while he rode motorcycle.
And died. Ugh... I was shaking hearing the news.
A fresh high school graduate just died.
He even hasn't started to go to college yet.
We don't know how much time left for us to live. Use it wisely.
Ok, I'll stop blabbering.

So, the chatting was coming into my favorite topic.
High School Times!
Oh, I miss my high school time so much and all my friends.
(And watching sky high by now, really makes me wanna go back to high school)
I'm not complaining about my past, but sometimes I wish I could change my life back then.

Here's a photo if you want to see me when I was....16? or 17?

Guess, where is me? oh, it's so obvious. I'm right on the far left. That's when my weight was about 69kgs? Ouch!

Hahaha.. I always laugh to see my past.
The past is always funny, right?
And I always miss it.
I wish I could make a time machine and back to my past.
But there is no turning back, so here I am, facing the present and prepare the future.
(Speaking of which, I haven't made any progress to my stupid assignment,and the deadline is coming closerrr. Rrrrrwww... )
Here's some outfit photos of present me, tadaaa!



I did a little color edit on Photoshop to see the result. Hmm.. I'm not a pro yet.





Oh, and say hi to my new shoesies. My wallet is screaming right now. I have to calm her down. :)

Dress: Simplicity
Top: Secondhand
Belt: Thrifted
Sock: Thrifted
Shoes: Marie Claire

Ok, that's all for now.
I guess I'll see you again in a week or more.
I have to focus if I want to be free soon.
Gutten nacht, sweetpies!



Ps: I MISS THE WORLDCUP SO MUCH! Usually by this time, I'll watch some matches between Portugal vs North Korea or whatever. I miss Lukas Podolski! (Hhha!)

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alainatastic said...

Wow. I think I'm in love with your shoes, and with your style. The shoes are perfection. And I love them with socks! So cute!
xx, Alaina.