Monday, May 16, 2011

Edie Sedgwick, A Fashion Icon

So, recently I just watched Factory Girl because it was recommended by several websites as one of fashionable movies. And I love it! Well, actually I didn't follow the story.It's.. (what is the right word for it) confusing. And I don't like the parts of Hayden Christensen. His acting was not good. Oh okay okay.. focus.

So I watched the movie only to see the outfits Sienna Miller had. And they were all amazing! Although some scenes were dominated with tights and shirt. From then, I searched about Edie Sedgwick. I feel sorry for her miserable short life. I mean, how come you wasted your life for drugs and things when you were a beautiful and fashionable socialite. When I see the pictures of Edie, it looks like she was happy with her life. Smile is always on her face.

Well, let's recall Edie for her great taste of fashion. And may she rests in peace. I love you, Edie. You're my fashion icon.


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i just love edie sedgwick! her style is amazing. factory girl is a fantastic movie! =)

Stolen from Grandma said...

edie is beyond amazing. so in love with her style :) xx

Fydez said...

I adore these photos of her! She is such an icon and she will always be timeless. XX