Sunday, June 26, 2011

Indonesia Open 2011

When did I post my last outfit? I don't know. It's been forever I guess since I updated my outfit post. Haha.. I'm sorry. Things were just hectic and I didn't get the chance to take my picture. Plus, I didn't dress too much these past months.

These below pictures are outfit that I plan to sell. I made an online shop selling secondhand clothes called Coucou Shop. Well, it embraces me to dress up more and it works I guess. :)

Sorry bad pictures :(



Headband: DIY
Shorts: Mom's
Shirts: secondhand

About the title, it's because this afternoon was The Final of Indonesia Open 2011. It's a badminton championship held every year. Like any other badminton championships, of course I would not miss it. If you follow me on twitter, you knew I tweeted tons of words supporting my country to be the champion. Unfortunately, there were no champion coming out from Indonesia. We only got the runner up positions.

What I like the most from watching sports game is you get to see some cute athletes. Haha.. Yes, I have crush on some of badminton players. How can you not like them? They're cute, they're athlete (which means they have athletic body-shape), and they're cute (again). And this year, I found more new athletes crush. Yeaa.. And my biggest crush is for Fu Hai Feng from China since like forever. God, I wish I could be his wife. Haha..

Here are some pics of them.


♥ Fu Hai Feng ♥


Fu Hai Feng with his partner Cai Yun at the final this afternoon. They won! Yay!
Wait, is that his wedding ring?


Ko Sung Hyun from South Korea


Left: Lee Yong Dae from South Korea. And he's like 21 years old?

I can mention other cute athletes like Bao Chun Lai (CHN), Chai Biao (CHN), Mohammad Ahsan (IND), Chen Long (CHN), and there are more who I don't know the names. :b

Sorry I bore you with this athlete stuff. Just wanna share. :)

Anindya ♥


Fydez said...

What a cute outfit, I love the headband. That bow is adorable. I wish you luck on your store! xx

Anindya said...

thank you very much :)