Monday, February 24, 2014


Since I'm terribly horribly LAZY of writing on my own blog. I will schedule it once a week from now on. I'll put on my agenda the schedule. Gee, almost two THREE years ago since the last time I wrote and there were A LOT of things happened. Including my dream to go to NYC. Hereby, I will make a vow:

I, Anindya Sekarnagri, promise to update this blog once a week. I know this blog is not as popular as StyleScrapbook, or The Blonde Salad, or just name any popular blog that started at the same time as me or younger (I started in 2009 I guess. How embarrassing!) but I promise to update it. At least put something in it. (Inspiring Style Pictures yay!) Oh crap, I can't stand with the word promise because I know I'll break it.

Wish me luck. Meanwhile,if there is somebody out there who is not me reading this, you can go to my tumblr too. It's fun! I promise. :)

Bisous, Sekar

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