Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thank you 2013!

Lalala.. since I haven't blogged since 2011, let me sum up things that happened in 2013. *I'm sorry 2012, but I won't forget you too I promise*

The word that describes 2013 perfectly is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Yes, awesome! So many (good) things happened to me. I got the chance to go abroad for the first time in 2013. Then, I got the chance to go for the 2nd time, also in 2013. Thank you 2013, you've been so good to me. The most awesome thing is I got to go to NEW YORK (the-city-that-i-was-always-dreaming-about) also in 2013!!!!

I can't believe this. If I look back from January to December, I went to different places for each month. Although it wasn't for fashion week (not yet), I thank God for everything that happened to me.

A little collage for memory:

 photo Screenshot2014-02-25210308.png

 photo Screenshot2014-02-25211403.png

 photo Screenshot2014-02-25213426.png

Have an awesome day!
Sekar <3

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Anonymous said...

how cool! these photos are super adorable.