Sunday, March 9, 2014


I've been in US for 7 months now. And I'm going back home in 2 months, people! 2 months! I don't know if I'm gonna be sad or happy. I'll meet my family and friends again. But in the other side, I love United States too! *well, not this freaking small town though*. I (still) wish I could live in New York. I just think that's where I belong. Haha!

So, in a couple days I'm gonna fly to San Francisco for Spring Break. Yay! And I can't pick which sunglasses that will go with me. :(

 photo sg3.jpg
 photo sg7.jpg

 photo sg9.jpg

 photo sg8.jpg

 photo sg5.jpg

 photo sg6.jpg

 photo sg4.jpg

 photo sg2.jpg
Ok, I've made my decision. I think I'll bring two pairs. You'll see which ones when I get to SF. I hope I can update the blog while I'm traveling.

Oh, I so can't wait for it! I hope the weather will be warm and sunny. I'm so tired of cold.

Wishing you to have a great day! :)

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