Thursday, April 24, 2014

Portland - Seattle

So, I left San Francisco and headed to Portland, alone. *sob* And guess what? I looooove Portland. I think it's my no.2 on my favorite city lists in US. The atmosphere is just aaaah.. unexplained. "Keep Portland Weird" is just the best idea ever. *Well, I've never been to Austin yet* The saddest thing is I don't have any picture of myself in Portland. (--")

Seattle --- Thank God I have lots of friends in Seattle!!! Wahoo!! I was lucky because I got a free trip to Boeing factory in Everett. Then strolling around the city with fellow friends from Indonesia. Aww yea! The thing that I like about Seattle is everything is in walk distance. You can just hop from one place to another place with your foot. And the dim sum.. Aaah.. *drolling*

(another reason why I love Portland)

 photo 20140319_130608.jpg

 photo 20140319_132305.jpg

Sea sea seattle!

 photo 1939448_4176162059591_347627580_n.jpg

 photo 1964881_10152105910867912_320125573_n.jpg

^^with one of my fav ilustrators. Check out her blog here.

 photo d470aa24-c22c-4b64-9c15-b9fc43369d58.jpg
 photo 1511502_4176163579629_1326000650_n.jpg

top: H&M --- skirt: ebay --- shoes: Topshop --- sunglasses: zeroUV

Have a nice day and night everyone!

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