Sunday, April 6, 2014

San Francisco Pt 2 - The GGG Bridge

I mean the Great Golden Gate Bridge (I just have the intention to put Great on it. Hehe) So, this time we went to the GGG Bridge and Marshall's beach. It was foggy at that time, so we had to wait for a couple hours. But, actually the fog kinda made a cool feeling. Then, we decided to walk to Marshall's beach to look at a different side of the bridge (warning: it's a nude beach). It was totally worth it. All the pictures we made on that beach were awesome. After that, we when to Japan Town to have dinner. Uh oh.. I wish I could be back to San Francisco.

 photo received_m_mid_1395119037529_90bba7bba40c594220_2.jpeg

 photo 86a71e00-711f-442f-b517-a15f9d1a1e53.jpg

 photo 1891251_10152078609973477_865472019_n.jpg

 photo 1601266_10152078667238477_1636112475_n.jpg

 photo 1239001_10152078619298477_878222851_n.jpg

Overalls: Walmart (Ha!)Shirt: Gaudi Hat: Forever21 Glasses: ZeroUV Shoes: Payless Bag: H&M

Have a wonderful day (or night)!


Gail J said...

I've never been to SF yet but I would love to! Did you enjoy it? :)

Anindya said...

San Francisco is my no 1 favorite city in US. Too bad it's so expensive there :(

Gail J said...

I love this dungaree look doll!