Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fall 2010 RTW

Prepare yourself, take your seat, because you're on front row of our runways. :D


^Calvin Klein

emporio armani fall rtw 2010

^Emporio Armani

versace fall 2010- RTW



The real front row of CK (sorry, we have to get back to reality :)
Isabel Lucas, Kate Bosworth, Kerry Washington, and Naomi Watts.
This is my most favorite outfits.
Honestly, I'm not really into the runway thing. hehe..

That's all my imagination to be one of the front row lists of those designers. Haha.. gotcha!



Audrey J. said...

Emporio Armani = <3
I love the front row, lovely ladies.

Anindya said...

yes, the far left of EA is my favorrite. :)