Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not another boring day

Last night we watched Case 39 and it was amazing. Shocking and surprising. We've been made scared all the time and screamed a lot (actually it was only me). Good movie :)

Today, we were going to Pasar Baru Trade Market to buy some clothes and bags for them. I had no plan to buy anything but ended up with new tights and belt. Uh oh.. I should save money for my next trip to Karimunjawa but I SPENT it! Gotta save more for tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday I exercised. I was jogging for 30 minutes. Yay! You know what, I gained more weights after last 3 week holiday. I went home and ate too much I guess. Adding 12 pounds to my body is just horrible. I should start my new diet soon. Gosh..

These photos were taken today from our trip to Pasar Baru:



in front of a store where mba Afi bought her new dress.


Left to right: mba Afi, DeeDee, NyeNye and me :)
I took this photo, but didn't capture myself fully. hhh..

blue shirt : uncle's
plaid top : secondhand
belt : mom's
tights : thrifted
boots : bloop

Pstt.. I'm missing someone right now. Don't tell anyone. ;)


Audrey J. said...

you look so happy in your pics! I screamed a lot in case39 specially when the ..... spoilers house is on fire, you know why! haha greetings dear, you've a lovely blog! i'm gonna follow you, hope you can do it too.

Anindya said...

haha.. I was shocked too.
Of course, I'll follow you. Thanks for your sweet comment. :)

JAD3 said...

Love the outfit!
the shop in the back looks awesome :]
and I have no idea how you can run for so long, i'm jealous. ;]

Anindya said...

@JAD3 thank you so much.
does it really look awesome? hehe, you could fine so many awesome things there less than $10.
To run more than 30 min, you should have a huge willing. And it doesn't come to me for these days. I always wake up late and I haven't ran for a week. :(