Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The World Cup is Over :(

I truly apologize for being such a cruel owner to you.
I ignore you for months and I feel terribly bad about it.
I hope, we still can be friends, my dear blog.
Since I've found a camera to use. hehehe..

And for all of you who visit my blog,
I will say THANK YOU so much.
You know, more than 200 visits and 8 followers are enough to make me happy.
I really feel like I was appreciated so well.
Of course, I'll try to visit all of you as soon as I can.
But my stupid final assignment is driving me nuts every single day.
I have to finish it by the end of this month, and what I'm doing is just fooling around.
Yeah yeah yeah..

Do you guys love football?
For me, the league championship is not interesting at all.
But, THE WORLD CUP?! Oh, it's an event that I always wait every 4 years.
It gives different atmosphere to the world. (at least in my world)
I support Germany this year (and almost every year), that's why I wear the black-red-orange(should it be yellow?) accessories.
It shows that I LOVE GERMANY!
Their plays, strategy, power, kicks, players, coach, everything. I LOVE GERMANY!
Although they didn't make it to the final, I'm still proud of them.
I will support Germany, forever and always.
Hopefully I can watch them playing in 2014 worldcup in Brazil.
Deutschland über alles!

And my favorite player, Lukas Podolski, oh my.. he's so damn cute!
Humble in life and powerful in game. A perfect combo for a man.
Can I have my future hubby just like what I see in Poldi? haha.. (I wish)

Well, yesterday me with my girls went to the mall to have a little bit fun.
We did karaoke, watch movie, and eat.
The movie we watched, Despicable Me, is really a cute movie.
Recommended for those of you who loves colors and animations like me. :)
It's about a super villain named Gru who wants to steal the moon.
To do his plan, he adopts 3 little girls so that the girls could steal the shrink machine.
But the girls are not only help Gru with his plan, they also do some changes in Gru's life.
Curious? You should see it yourself. And the minions, Gru's little robots, are too cute.
Here's what i wore yesterday:






Lukas Podolski. Germany striker no.10. I'm melting right now. Aww..


The Germany Team


Those are minions. Cuuute..

White Top: Secondhand
Vest: DIY Cut Jacket
Legging: Given by Grandma
Bag: Mom's
Necklace: DIY
Bangle & Accessories: Thrifted
Shoes: Clarette

Hope to see you soon, guys!


Ps: Isn't it weird I support for Germany but taking photo under a France flag? haha.. Well, I support every country then. Including my lovely home, Indonesia. :)


Audrey J. said...

You look so cute! I'm glad you're back, the wedgies are my favorite. I want to see that movie!

Anindya said...

You're too sweet, Audrey. :)
Thanks billion! :)))

alainatastic said...

You're so adorable!
I'm seriously in love with your outfit!!
xx, Alaina.

Savanna M. said...

Oh i love this outfit! Especially the glasses and shoes very cute! You have a very cute style :)
check out my blog:

Anindya said...

Whoaaa.. thank you soooo much!
You guys are so lovely.
Can't wait to check out all your blogs. :)